Designing Paradise

The perfect environment for people and nature

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Which would you choose for humanity — A or B?


Every man for himself. It’s the responsibility of the individual to look after himself, and his family. He needs you to buy his product or service, or the product or service of his employers. He’s got mouths to feed, so he can’t worry about what’s best for you or anyone else, let alone the planet. He might get exhausted, depressed and sick; he may even turn to crime… but that’s just the way it is.


Humanity works together to provide the essentials for everyone. Money as we know it doesn’t exist because everyone has everything they need. Life is a playful adventure where people spontaneously pick and choose how they spend their time. Everyone happily contributes an hour or two a day, to keep the system running smoothly.

You can see how we got to point A. In the past, we could only see as far as the next hilltop. Threats and predators were everywhere, so we needed to hoard and protect and defend.

But now, for the first time in humanity’s history, that mindset is out of date. Now we can see the big picture. Now we are no longer a threat to each other. Now we have the opportunity to live in peace, and create a happy, healthy life for everyone.

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How to solve every human problem at once

The root of all problems is the way society is structured around money and each individual’s need to earn their own money. This is a force that creates an immense amount of dysfunction when you multiply by 7 billion.

Society needs a redesign based on cooperation and community while honoring individual desires. This is not so hard… what I call “Designing Paradise.”

I have given it much thought.

All health, social and environmental issues are cured by the design of paradise. A common agenda solves all war when the primary ethic is sharing.

UNTIL we knuckle down and solve EVERY problem by tracing it to the very ROOTS, there will be no end to the insane manifestations of the current system.

How do we solve every problem at once?

Cooperation, community, true social security, individual freedom, health, focus on happiness as the goal, aligning agriculture with nature, align systems to be in harmony with the best of human nature, so that social structure naturally encourage and draw out the best of us. All these are possible and solve every problem at the roots. This might seem like an impossible dream, impractical. But I promise you… it is coming!

While we continue to view a problem in isolation, we never ever truly solve it, because the roots of the pain are still there. One agenda, paradise for ALL, is not only possible, it is EASY compared to the pain and suffering the current system creates.

We could create paradise and systems that solve every problem with less than half the resources as time and material used now. And corruption would disappear. Solve every problem at once. Start with a blank piece of paper.

All the best,

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We need to free people. We actually need to get people back on the land… more farmers (but permaculture, self-sustaining ecosystems), less doctors :) Instead of one farmer with 100,000 acres, it would be better to have 100,000 people with an acre.

The things we love to do, the things that get squeezed into our “free time”… gardening, fishing, walking, cooking… these things should be our LIVES, connected to nature. It’s a lot about consciousness, seeing that everything is connected, and a deep desire to heal, to find holistic solutions. The way we live now is INSANE, and creates slavery, misery. So sad.

We have the solutions and the resources right now to create paradise FOR ALL. The way to end ALL WAR, is to have a united agenda… paradise for all. And it isn’t hard to do… we just need to focus on it. It’s actually EASIER to do than what we are doing right now.

People hoard resources because the system is “every man for himself.” A consciousness shift, and a vision, will allow people to release their hoarded resources to the whole. We need worldwide UBUNTU… your happiness is my happiness, this is the TRUTH, so we need to honor that truth when we see it. We always live our truth, that’s why it’s about consciousness. If your truth is “It’s me against the world” then you live that. If your truth is “We are one” then you live that. The real truth is that we are one, everything is connected.